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Our Progress

First Community Town Hall Meeting – February 25, 2016, DH White Elementary School
Using a facilitated small group process, over 100 city residents provided their input regarding what services a community center should offer.  The Board’s goal is that the design and location of the center should be determined by the services the community wants the center to provide.

Second Community Town Hall Meeting – April 4, 2016, DH White Elementary School
At this meeting, Board members presented the findings resulting from the February 25, 2016 meeting.  What we learned is that the community desires the following:

Performing Arts Center:
It includes an auditorium equipped with stage and sound system to accommodate about 500 individuals.  It could also be used to screen movies and hold art exhibitions.  This area should be designed so that it may be partitioned into separate smaller conference/meeting rooms.

Recreational Centers:
These include indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Indoor activities include, among others, table tennis, game room and space for exercise classes. Outdoor activities include basketball, tennis courts and related activities.

Learning & Meeting Center:
It consists of classrooms/meeting rooms with white boards and projection equipment.

Computer Learning Center:
It includes a fully equipped classroom with computers and projection facilities. Computers are provided for personal use or for computer learning classes.

Kitchen and Catering Center: It includes a fully equipped commercial kitchen with adjoining space to seat dining guests.

Medical Center: It includes reception and waiting area with exam rooms/offices for medical personnel.

June through October 2016;
The Board of Directors developed a survey to get input from more community residents and more specific information about what they want in their community center.  The survey was posted online at the RVCC website from June – October 2016.  Surveys were also distributed with the water bills.  Surveys were sent home to parents of school age children and also distributed in middle school classes to ensure youth input.

About 700 surveys were completed, although not all respondents answered all questions.  For example, only 590 stated where they live, e.g., about 258 came from Core Rio Vista, 218 from Trilogy, 80 from Homecoming, and 94 from the outskirts.

For the other questions and responses, please Click Here 

Next Steps:
By October 31, 2016:  The Board will conduct a thorough and complete analysis of the data.

By November 30, 2016: The Board will complete a final report from the survey and town hall data.  This report will be available on the Community Center website, in the newspaper, and for presentation to the City’s Ad Hoc Committee.

By January 30, 2017: The Board will complete a conceptual layout plan based on the survey results.  This report will be available on the Community Center website, in the newspaper, and for presentation to the City’s Ad Hoc Committee.